Distribution of Day Old Chicks to Dodoma Municipal Council

AKM Glitters Co. Ltd distributed Day Old Chicks to group of poultry farmers through  Ministry Of Agriculture, Livestock And Fisheries. The day old chicks were delivered to Director of Production and Marketing, Dr Felix Adam Nandonde to former Mayor of the city. 650 day old chicks together with 12 bags of feed, vaccines, drinkers and feeders.

Dr Nandonde stated that Ministry is inspiring poultry keepers to produce more white meat therefore giving them day old chicks to meet the high demand of chicken meat.

Ministry has been working with AKM Glitters which has been facilitating the poultry keepers to promote modern pastoralism. In furtherance of this interest, the ministry has sent Kuroiler F1 chicks who grow fast and heavy to the breeders.

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