Feed Mill

AKM Glitters integrates poultry business strategy includes the production of high quality affordable chicken feed for use on its parent stock farms and also for sale to markets across the country.

Access by smallholder farmers to affordable quality feed will ensure improved feed conversion fast growth, increased productivity and improved household incomes. The business target is to produce and sell at least 500,000 metric tons per year of affordable quality chicken feed.

Current Poultry Feed Mill

To achieve this, AKM Glitters has constructed a Poultry Feed Mill facility near the Kuroiler Parent stock Farm Complex at Mbopo village in Mabwepande Ward, Kinondoni District. The current feed mill has a capacity of nine (09) tons per hour.

New Modern Feed Mill Complex Under Construction

To upgrade the production capacity and quality control of the current feed mill. However, AKM Glitters in 2019 embarked on the construction of new and modern feed mill complex with capacity for both pellet and mash production lines. The new modern feed mill will have automatic feed production control panel as well as the mini feed laboratory control the quality of both nutrient quality of feed ingredients and finished feed products. The new modern feed mill complex is scheduled to be commissioned in December 2019.

AKM Glitters invested on expansion of its feed mill. It produces both powder and pellets feeds. Its capacity is 180 Tons per day.

Two additional mills are planned for Southern Highlands and Central Corridor.

AKM Glitters have constructed a new poultry feed mill facility at Mbopo village in Mabwepande Ward, Ubungo District.