Feed Mill Operations

AKM Glitters integrates poultry business strategy includes the production of high quality and affordable chicken feed for use on its parent stock farms and also for sale to markets across the country.

Parent Stock Farm

AKM Glitters manages three Kuroiler breeder farms.The objective of the breeder farms is to produce eggs for the hatchery plant in Mbezi. With the eggs from the parent stock farm, the hatchery will produce Kuroiler day old chicks which are sold to the franchised brooding enterprises established in the regions.


AKM Glitters has Modern Hatchery Complex at Rungwe Street, Mbezi Beach Area, Kinondoni. The expanded hatchery plant has the combined capacity to produce 100,000-day-old chicks per week

Community Development

Community Development team leads the sensitization, recruitment and training of the brooder units; operation and smallholder chicken farmers.