We are proud of the excellence of our services and the truly helpful level of poultry keeping support we provide to our clients. Below are just a few of the testimonials from our Poultry Keepers.
Here is what some said about us.
"At first it was difficult to convince others to buy the chicken because they where not used to Kuroiler chicken but for now people do have knowledge of Kuroiler chicken example now I have an order of about 170 chicken to deliver."
Mr Henry
Njombe Poultry Keeper
"I started brooding day old chicks from AKM Glitters Co. Ltd about 3 years ago and I started with 540 chicks from AKM Glitters Co. Ltd. Hence i have been getting alot of profit from brooding day old chicks. Through poultry am able to buy land and repair the house i live in."
Mustapha Itago
Mbeya Poultry Keeper
"We have been brooding day old chicks from AKM Glitters and now they are 3 weeks old and they weigh 0.5kg. We thank AKM Glitters for good breed of F1 Kuroiler chicks.Since we have been brooding the day old chicks from AKM Glitters we have been getting a lot of orders from customers and the business going very well."
Flora Florence
Dodoma Poultry Keeper
"I am having about 31 Kuroiler chicken (hen & cocks) and each week I am getting about 15 eggs that i sell them in trays. I sold the cocks for tshs 20,000 to 25,000 per cock and their weight was averaging 4kgs. Kuroilers are very tasteful and very nice like the traditional chicken, I can not see myself eating any other type of chicken because what am getting from kuroiler i really can not get from any-other chicken."
Bibi Helen
Mbeya small holder poultry keeper